One more day of voting in CBC Searchlight Regional Semi-Final

Hello Friends,

Voting in the the CBC Searchlight regional semi-finals closes tomorrow (April 20) at 3 PM.  Thanks for letting me hound you over these past several weeks.  We'll see if I get to keep hounding you when the regional finalists are announced on Tuesday :)  

Since you have as many as 10 votes per day to spread around, I'll hope you'll consider showing your support to other Hamilton artists like Gillian Nicola, Jamie Shea, Terra Lightfoot and Leonard, Burns and Dell.  

A final thought before tomorrow.  Entering this "competition" is paradoxical terrain for me (and I'm sure for many other contestants) in that I'm giving myself to the built-in narcissism of a talent competition (the "best" new artist in Canada).  On the other hand, I'm also finding new solidarity with other Canadian artists who are dedicated to making art and building community.  It's been a good exercise in crawling out from under my rock to feel part of something bigger than my own creative process.  To be clear, that bigger discovery of not being alone began early on, even before making the record.  I've been nurtured by dear friends and an encouraging community all along, but it's been inspiring to mingle with some lovely, selfless souls on The Searchlight road too.

Thanks again for all your support and patiently enduring my accosting you!

Take care,