Two Weeks Left in Crowdfunding Campaign

Two weeks to go in the new Low Country Hill EP campaign. Thus far, 25 backers have helped achieve 28% of my goal. Thank you! Fingers crossed that we'll see a dramatic finish down the stretch. 

Consider pre-ordering the EP to help cover my costs for recording and promotion. Thank you for giving it some thought. 

New Low Country Hill EP

It's been an active month of writing here at my home in southwest Hamilton. In the most fluid moments I get a little window into the joy that a potter feels in moulding the clay on the wheel. But there are days when I'm stumped and ideas sits stubbornly like a mound of 24000 jigsaw puzzle pieces. Where to begin! Tis the ebb and flow of the creative process of course. But I take heart that all artists are caught in (and live for) this dance between the grind and the ecstasy. 

Speaking of...just started reading Patti Smith's M Train. I love where she goes with her words and thoughts. She opens some doors in my imagination. 

Keeping at it, 


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