Surprised By Joy: Kids Drawing and The Heavy Dream

Enjoyed a unique opportunity to share music with Cootes Paradise Elementary School in Hamilton for their day of drawing last week. An intriguing alt to the usual field day/end-of-year sports extravaganza that invariably alienates some kids who have a paralyzing…Read more

Northern Ontario: Tour Log, Days 7 - 9

Back from the epic northern odyssey yesterday.  A quick unload of the gear, a spray down of the car to remove the logging road dust, and a vacuum of the car seats to remove loose cedar bark and sawdust and…Read more

Northern Ontario: Tour Log, Day 6

A total sensory and extrasensory thing to stand on an outcrop and face west into the expansive heart of Lake Superior, both at dusk and at midmorning.  Music, unconditional love can bring tears.  Panoramas like this, too.

Enjoyed my time…Read more

Northern Ontario: Tour Log, Day 5

The drive through tracts of clear cuts on county roads and logging routes today was an unsettling reminder of our complicated relationship with the land.  Mile after mile of the blunt sculpting of the wild places, driven by our demand…Read more

Northern Ontario: Tour Log, Days 2 - 4

A great night at Speakeasy in Sudbury on Saturday.  Thank you Jeff, Jasmine and Sabrina for booking me and getting me set up with sound and delicious food.  You set an inviting tone.

A bright and warm Sunday made for…Read more

Northern Ontario: Tour Log, Day 1 and 2

Northern Tour Trip Log.  Day 1 and 2

Hello friends,

A quiet beginning to my northern Ontario last night at Tranzac Club in Toronto.   I arrived at the venue to hear a large band named Dust barely make a whisper…Read more

Thank you for your support in CBC Searchlight 2015

Hello friends,

My Searchlight quest has now come to an end.  Thank you for your long haul support on this journey.  Congratulations to Skinner who will represent Hamilton in the next round.   A special shout out to The Steeltown 12…Read more

April 25 @ The Casbah

A night I'll cherish for some time to come.  Thank you Adam Warner​, Jimmy Hayes III​, and Mark McIntyre for your full-bodied playing.  What an amazing band.  Language insufficiently expresses the synergy and spirit of last night's music-making.  Thank you…Read more

Thank you for making Low Country Hill a CBC Searchlight Regional Finalist

Thank you friends of Low Country Hill for all your support on the CBC Searchlight road. Thanks to your voting, I've made it into the regional finals (Hamilton).

Ten regional finalists remain in 23 regions across Canada.  One finalist…Read more