Radio Radio

Dropped off a few discs at CFMU Radio at McMaster University in Hamilton yesterday afternoon. My sincere thanks to Mr James Tennant for playing "Stay Up Here" on air as soon he unwrapped the CD.

And for those of…

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The Drum Roll Moment


The drum roll moment...some front porch music.  An untethered "woo hoo."

Time to drop CDs into envelopes and make hand deliveries around the hood. And on the cosmic scale, I suppose I'm joining the chorus of a million…

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Daptone Soul Revue = Good Timing


Welcome to the new website.  

I took in an amazing musical experience last weekend at Supercrawl in downtown Hamilton along with a sea of music lovers.  The Daptone Soul Revue was passing through town with evangelical fervour.  

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Waiting, waiting for boxes of CDs to arrive on my front porch. While the record is getting pressed, it's a good time to reflect on how this project has all come together beyond the nuts and bolts of writing and…Read more



We're finished!     An ear marathon in the last few weeks, listening to the record on crappy car stereos, hifi studio speakers, and headphones. It's felt like the most difficult leg of the journey as patient, attentive… Read more