Roll over Jack Kerouac

Thank you to Chris and Alex et al at Musiikki Café for a great night on Friday. Your little hole in the wall holds some enchantment. With a max capacity of 30 people, the room is friendly to vocal and instrumental nuance. I especially enjoyed some musical bending and stretching in "Twelve Hawks" and "Midnight Prayer." Pure joy and terror to play for people who listen with quiet intent. Thank you for showing up, whether listening from a table in the café or pausing on your stroll down Brock St. to listen just outside the front door.
Took some county roads on the way home to Hamilton, following the north shore of Lake Ontario over some arrestingly beautiful terrain. And a two-lane drive is not complete without a playlist. A little bit of music to create some road trippin mythology with my daughters. Roll over Jack Kerouac, my youngest Enye decides we should begin with One Direction, "Midnight Memories" and "Story of My Life." Winona performs some CPR on our rock and roll mythologizing by sliding OK Computer into the disc player. How many times have I heard that record!? But with Nona's first listen, I feel like I'm hearing it for the first time. Amazing, breathtaking actually.
So there you have it. One Direction and Radiohead, two of England's greatest exports :) Back to back, not head to head while on the road in United Empire Loyalist country.*

*For those of you unfamiliar with Canadian history, the United Empire loyalists were people loyal to England who migrated from the 13 colonies
during the time of the American Revolution and settled in upper and lower Canada (including the north shore of Lake Ontario).
Next show for me is in Toronto at Tranzac Club this Saturday, Oct. 03, 10 PM! Jimmy Hayes, fresh off his Last Waltz-esque shows with a retiring Harlan Pepper, joins me on electric guitar and pedal steel.

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