Eastern Ontario mini-tour notes

Thank you Musiikki Café and The Branch Restaurant and Texas Grill for booking me in again. Modest gatherings to be sure, but felt the connection with folks who stuck around to listen. 

Road trip notes... 

After setting up in Kingston, I walked a few blocks and stepped into a burrito joint to get a bite to eat. I was wearing my TH&B shirt (Toronto, Hamilton Buffalo Railway - to Hell and Back). The railroad is a unique part of Hamilton's story and the shirt tends to send out the Hamilton love signals. On that note, a man in the restaurant approaches me at the counter and says with astonished expression "I had to approach you...I used to work for the TH&B...in fact I drove the first Go Train through the Hunter Street tunnel, one of the oldest (if not THE oldest) train tunnels in Canada." I had the impulse to take the shirt off and hand it to him. A quick reconsideration followed, realizing I was in a restaurant and don't exactly have a washboard underneath the shirt. 

The next night was living the rock and roll high life - at least in a local and organic kind of way (no, not that kind of way). But I imagine summer herb trout with chermoula would satiate any munchies just fine (see below). Thanks Nicole for an amazing pre show dinner! Keeping the local and organic rock lifestyle theme going into the night, I decided to pitch a tent just outside of Kemptville after the show. Pelting rain as I climbed into my sleeping bag, but a welcome rhythmic, white noise to fall asleep to. Got up at the crack of dawn and drove as many westbound-ish county roads as I could before rejoining the 4-lane/12-lane rat race into box land. Radiohead helped with the re-entry. So did the hugs from my fam when I got home.