Finish lines and the war of art

News from the studio... 

The final hour of making Low Country Hill 2. Finish lines can make the emotional pendulum sway a little wider than usual, the second guessing a little more existential. I'm reminded of Steven Pressfield's book "The War of Art" in which he explores and personifies Resistance and the ways it prevents us from accessing our fullest, deepest selves. Resistance is the equal and opposite force of creation. So in come the mindfulness exercises to right the ship: trust the work, trust the spirit, trust the crew (who are inspiring and untethered) and non-attachment to the pendulum. 

One last (and very full) weekend for some final recording followed by mixing and mastering. Thank-you Dave King and Wayne Cochrane for going the distance. 

We have a title, we've got a layout and design for the disc, and we're almost finished the weeding in the liner notes (thanks Joe Ollmann). This thing is coming together! 

Hope to see some (many?) of you on September 16 at The Pearl Company in Hamilton for the launch! 


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