Attention gear nerds :)

A good chunk of shows coming up in winter 2019.

For you gear nerds, I'm trying a new combination of pedals after my go-to Line 6 delay/loop modeller finally died after 20+ years of faithful service. Rest in digital peace, dear friend. Looking forward to exploring new (to me) sonic terrain with the new combo in the upcoming performances and in studio time.

I'm not much of a gear head nor do I really understand the basics of electronics/circuitry, but I do enjoy messing around with guitar effect pedals (especially when harnessed to my violin).  Guitar effects have been integral to my writing process - to establish grooves and sonic landscapes - affecting the overall timbre of songs. Besides the occasional use of a Way Huge Pork Loin overdrive pedal (thanks Wayne C!) and a Boss RC-3 loop station, I'm now working with a TC Electronics Hall of Fame Reverb 2, a TC Electronics Ditto looping pedal, and an Electro Harmonix Memory Toy (Analog Delay).  I'm also experimenting with an old Passac acoustic pre-amp that I received from the great violinist, Oliver Schroer (rest in peace).  

Lately, I've enjoyed searching out and studying the rigs/set-ups of masterful, innovative guitar players like Nels Cline.  Amazing and inspiring.