Release Show Recap

A radiant day to reflect on a radiant night. Thank you to everyone who came out to the release show on Nov.18. What a turnout!  It was a joy to both rock out and be tender, to float along and occasionally fly high with a brilliant group of musicians. Love and praise to @raf.michelli, @agoldrules, @davekingdrums, and @pzantingh72 for your gorgeous playing and singing and for your sure, steady presence. Thank you to a fabulous support team including @__jotham @joesjams, @taylorfinnigan.wav, @winonahogeterp, @staciavonghogeterp, @ezra.tekle, @loosefingerdchords, and @colourfilmmusic! Thank you @sen69 for documenting the eve and to @casbahgram for hosting us! Blessed, grateful, and lucky. Check out more photos from the show in Photos.

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