Surprised By Joy: Kids Drawing and The Heavy Dream

Enjoyed a unique opportunity to share music with Cootes Paradise Elementary School in Hamilton for their day of drawing last week. An intriguing alt to the usual field day/end-of-year sports extravaganza that invariably alienates some kids who have a paralyzing fear of competition and are athletically challenged. From my perch, this drawing activity sincerely felt like an inclusive, community odyssey, as kids of all orientations and description sat quietly under trees, beside bushes, on benches or sidewalks to simply draw.  A call to being quiet without being told to "be quiet."  Moving, poignant stuff witnessing kids entering into that zone.  Arts monastery.  Played some minimalist improvised music, running my violin through some looping and reverb pedals into my Princeton Reverb amp.  Later I sang and played guitar for older children who were sketching in an aviary and public garden area.  The kids were so kind, open and receptive.  Even some rock star moments, receiving requests to sign art work at the end of the day.  All in all, an antidote to cynicism. 

Congratulations to Dave King (aka The Heavy Dream) on the surfacing of "Hold." Had the great pleasure of attending The Heavy Dream listening party at The Aberdeen Tavern in Hamilton on June 07.  Added bonus: not every day that this kind of celebration happens right around the corner from your own abode. Some inspired interpretations of Dave's songs performed at the event, most notably by his son Graham King. My oh my...keep singing, Graham. You can tell this young guy is a devoted student of Jeff Buckley.  Also nice to hear Dave's record spun at "11ish" volume, revealing sophisticated, ballsy, Beatle-bowing song craft.  The night felt like a little kick at the darkness, a celebration of music, community, friendship. Joy.

As an aside, Dave is also the guy who recorded, played drums, and helped give birth to Low Country Hill at his Barn Window studio.