Daptone Soul Revue = Good Timing


Welcome to the new website.  

I took in an amazing musical experience last weekend at Supercrawl in downtown Hamilton along with a sea of music lovers.  The Daptone Soul Revue was passing through town with evangelical fervour.  

The four hour extravaganza culminated in a mystical performance by Charles Bradley and his band.  This man has had a difficult time in life and now, at 65 years of age, is bringing joy to people all over the world through his deeply felt soul music.  

In between songs he spoke with conviction, "no matter how small or how large your dreams are, go for it, you have something to give humanity."  I've heard this language before but there was something about the way it was said that made it feel like a direct pipeline to my own inner journey of making a record and now launching it.  Shivers down the spine.

Thank you for the music Mr. Bradley and co. and for the timing of your words.

On with the launch.



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