A Little Bit of Universe Alignment

A little universe alignment for two friends. 

Without scheming or calculation, Pete and Paul played gigs on the same night in the same town, a block away from each other. The proximity made for some welcome party crashing. Pete sat in with Low Country Hill for a pensive "Fisherman's Blues" and "Tear-Stained Eye" at the cool and quiet Bohemia before his gig at Donaleighs. After dragging my feet while packing up my gear (all thanks to Connory at Bohemia making the perfect call to play the new Radiohead album on the cafe sound system at closing time), I grabbed my fiddle and headed for the considerably louder (read rowdy) Irish pub down the street. Twas a riot to finish off the last part of Whiskey River's middle set playing fiddle in "The Thrill Is Gone" and in a full band (and very speedy tempo) version of "Fisherman's Blues." Some sparks flying for sure. Reminders of the stomp and sweat days in The Immigrants. 

Thank you everyone who came to listen to my set at Bohemia. A special thanks to Emily and Connory for your kind hospitality. 

And now on to the stomp and sweat of a grant application...more on this at another time :) 


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