1. Some and One

From the recording Guesthouse

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Paul Hogeterp - vocals, acoustic guitar
Dave King - drums
Paul Linklater - guitar, bass
Peter Zantingh - backing vocals


Some and One

some of you say it's time to be pilgrims
one of you says,“that's lofty” but will go along

some of you want to be there for the gathering
one of you wonders if this all might be a collective

most of you raise a toast in the guesthouse
only one of you sees the ghosts also
want a taste

will the long walk unblock?
the unsaid be shed?
gonna walk along

some of you feel the ooh, the ah, the at last
joining hands in a circle at the foot of
St. James

500 miles makes behind a little lighter
one of you can't say the same but walked along