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01 A Billion Rooms

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Paul Hogeterp - vocals, acoustic guitar, violin
Dave King - drums
Patrick Sansone - electric 12-string guitar, bass, mellotron, Wurlitzer
Enye Hogeterp - backing vocals



A lonely scientist
Weighing, praying
Over boiling dystopian stew
Iconoclast atomic blast
Of bile and denial
What do you do when you can’t get through?

Get through, through

Wise ol’ globalized brat
Chiding, biting
Baby teeth with sequoia roots
A rhino in tearoom chit chat
The flooding is coming
To the party of sandbar fools

The fools, fools
A billion rooms, rooms

The greeter with no one to greet
Oh contact trace that open face
An orchid with pandemic bloom
The huggers would hug if they could
Oh we need em just bleach em
Send them out to a billion rooms

A billion rooms, rooms
A billion rooms, rooms
A billion rooms, rooms