1. Mint Leaves

From the recording Low Country Hill

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Mint Leaves

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Paul Hogeterp - vocals, acoustic guitar, violins, Wurlitzer
Dave King - drums, percussion, pedal dialing
Pat Sansone - bass, harmonium
Jane Koopman - backing vocals



I love the way you lean over
Greet the sprawling mint leaves
Even though they spread like clover
No harm in letting them be
Snap off a little leaf
Don't you know, my love grows

I love the way you see photos
In the brambles and thorns
Overgrown and taking over
Ah, but that's the beauty
Point out the little berries, over there, way down low
Don't you know, my love grows

I love the way you leave a note
When you rush off early
Even though you're filling passports
Leave your love on loose leaf
Taxi’s gone, while we sleep, you’ve already flown
Don't you know, my love grows