1. Abbey For One

From the recording Low Country Hill

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Abbey For One

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Paul Hogeterp - vocals, acoustic guitar, organ, piano, violin
Dave King - drums, percussion
Pat Sansone - bass, keyboards
Peter Zantingh - backing vocals
Bob Tees - trombone
The Abbey Choir



If I had the choice
It just might be a still small voice
Bright rally shirts move through the streets
With a megaphone brimstone speech

Pardon me, excuse me now
I’ll find an abbey just for one somehow

Not even a note left beside your bed
My own tree line locked inside my head
Ancient monks of the desert knew
City lights touch the fringes too

Pardon me, excuse me now
I'll find an abbey just for one somehow

Hey it's me, I'm on my way back
But will there be any bridges left?
This velcro beard I'm ripping off
Maybe then we'll take a cloister walk

Pardon me, excuse me now
Find an abbey for us all somehow