How Music Works

Nice to be in Niagara-on-the-Lake at Oast House Brewers for Friday Night Pints on Jan.23.   Some familiar faces as well as a crew of welcoming regulars made for a warm feel all around.
Getting ready for a few more shows in the next couple of weeks.  My carpenter friends would probably roll their eyes at my romantic notions of the Zen-like qualities of their process and work.  I sometimes imagine the approach into the basement studio as an entrance into a back-of-property woodshed/workshop.  And when I get really carried away, I can almost feel the crunch of snow under my feet with each step towards the studio door. The bubble bursts a little bit when faced with the task at hand. The guitars sit on their stands, the pedals lined up on the floor, the amps humming quietly ready for their louder work to begin.  You stand there facing down the machinery, take a deep breath and surrender to the fact that some heavy lifting awaits.  And there will be moments when you hit your thumb with a hammer.   But it feels like good, honest hard work.

Been very much enjoying David Byrne's "How Music Works."  Much like in his music, his quirky DIY spirit shines through in his writing as he reflects on both the abstract and concrete of this question.  He rolls out his thoughts in ways that are neither dry musicology nor cool/cred rock journalism.  An intelligent, creative challenge to the musical orthodoxies we hold tightly.  Inspiring and instructive.

And this just in...

Hello music lovers in Brazil! Thank you Words Of Leisure for your generous thoughts about the Low Country Hill record!