A great pleasure to hook up with Peter F. Zantingh​ and his mates in Whisky River​ at The Cameron House​ on Friday, July 03.  Was a joy to listen to the band and sit in with the fiddle for Fisherman's Blues and Pete's song "On That Road."  Thank you to Adam Warner, Mark McIntyre, and Jimmy Hayes III for your steady musical presence in the Low Country Hill set.  In the face of humidity, tuning woes and the front room sonic tour de force (awesome bands mind you!), these guys soldiered on.  Brilliant and pro.  I'm lucky.  

Thanks to all of you who came to listen too.  

Also a perfect summer eve in Grimsby on Saturday where I played a solo show at Station One Coffeehouse​.  Thank you Laurie and crew for getting me set up.  A beautiful space too. 

Getting ready for my tour to Montreal and the national capital region.  401 E tomorrow morning!  Good to be back in the groove.  Lawn to be mowed before leaving, of course.

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Finally taking the plunge into the whole brevity thing.