Montreal and Ottawa

Back from Montreal and Canada's capital region.  

Four days of touring felt a lot longer, in a good way. So appreciated the "listening" focus of each venue and was energizing for me to connect with new listeners and artists along the way.  Thank you Monika Cefis and Daniel Leblanc-Poirier for co-billing in Montreal.  Also a shot in the arm to see old friends (family too!) come to shows of their own free will and have a great time. Some of you even drove 1.5 hrs. Thank you people.  
Added bonuses on this tour: Fairmount bagels in Montreal's Mile End neighbourhood, stopping in Vankleek Hill for a beer tasting at the now legendary Beau's All Natural Brewing Co., and closing the tour by playing Steve Earle's "Pilgrim" for/with the good folks who run The Branch Restaurant and Texas Grill (at the end of the night).  

Also, I learned that twitter and me don't get along so well, at least not yet.  Feels like I need a brain re-wiring to survive the 160 character universe.  

Back to the archaic long form of email this week to set up more shows.  Concise and direct long form of course.