Oct.03 (2015 and 1987)

Thank you Station One Coffeehouse for the invitation to play on Saturday.  And thank you to everyone who came to listen.  It's a big deal to me that you made the choice to go out for the evening to take in live music.   I'm grateful for the support and hope you enjoyed yourselves.

Excited to be hooking up with Jimmy Hayes III for my next Toronto show at Tranzac Club on October 03.  Just dawning on me that Oct. 03 is the 28th anniversary of seeing my first big rock show (in Toronto!).  U2 at Exhibition Stadium.  Wasn't long after that show that I bought a digital delay pedal and electric guitar to take on "Where The Streets Have No Name."  Delusions of grandeur?  Somewhat.  But mostly that feeling of being more alive and waking up to the elevated spirit of rock and roll.

Tranzac Club promises to be a cozier experience than that cold autumn night in 1987 with 50000+.


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