We're finished!  
An ear marathon in the last few weeks, listening to the record on crappy car stereos, hifi studio speakers, and headphones. It's felt like the most difficult leg of the journey as patient, attentive listening has been so essential in the fine detailing of the 11th hour.  In capable hands with Zen masters Dave and Wayne who know the psychology of this terrain well.  Ear stamina and unwavering focus to the end.  Luckily, my noviciate ears were treated to the quiet of Canadian shield this past week as I did some camping with my family.  Rushing water on the French River, generous loon song in the evening, wind through the pines in the wee hours and...a restless crying baby the next campsite over, provided auditory diversion. Also plenty of time to reflect on the inner journey of cross-Canada proportions this whole thing has been.  Toe-dipping in the Atlantic at last.  

A few things to wrap up on album artwork and then on with manufacturing the CD.  And then...a little return on your investment.  I hope to send your CDs in the mail and get the album download functioning by mid-September (perhaps earlier, if all goes well).  Also, currently working on the Low Country Hill website where I'll be setting up a mailing list for news updates and bloggy bits.  Time to start knocking on doors and prrrractise.  Album launch party TBA!
Thank you for making this happen people.  What a journey.


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