Getting Back in the Groove in the Near North

Good to be in the near north to get back in the playing groove. Met some lovely people in Orillia and Gravenhurst. A shout out to Currie's Music in Gravenhurst. What a haven of musical bliss and creativity. You reclaim the good name of materialism. Thank you Andrew, Natalie, Bet and Rob for the support and solidarity. Rob, glad you enjoyed finding your Gibson ES 335's younger, long lost cousin. 

Thank you Josh and Alex at The Brownstone Cafe and all the kind staff at Sawdust City Brewery for making the shows happen. Alex, thanks for tweaking the vocals and for the very helpful pointers for the rest of the journey. Also, thanks for slowing my packing up with the circa '72 Herbie Hancock. Wow. 

Peter F. Zantingh, always special to sing with you. Thank you! 

As is becoming a rhythm in my musical travels, I like to explore off-the-beaten-path places en route to the next show. This time, I chanced upon on a section of the Trans Canada Trail on Muskoka RR 6 near Cooper's Falls. Winter hasn't broken its bones quite yet but I don't mind...


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