Northern Ontario: Tour Log, Day 1 and 2

Northern Tour Trip Log.  Day 1 and 2

Hello friends,

A quiet beginning to my northern Ontario last night at Tranzac Club in Toronto.   I arrived at the venue to hear a large band named Dust barely make a whisper with their improvisational hushed sounds.  I was taken in by their less-is-more (including less volume!) aesthetic.  An inviting way to enter into my adventure.  The quiet, sparse tone seemed to ripple into my own set as I played to a small group of attentive souls.  "Hello Cleveland! How are you tonight-a!?"  :)  And the Tranzac's Southern Cross Bar itself has a palpable intimacy.  So it felt fitting to close the night by joining the throng of four around their table and sing a couple of lullabies sans PA.  

Made more stops on the trip to Sudbury today than a fam with young kids would have to make.  Not so much a leg stretching and going to the potty thing.  More about following the distractions of the roadside and waisting time for a closer look (see below).  Playlist day 1: War on Drugs and Staple Singers.  Nothing like "Heavy Makes You Happy" at the beginning of Hwy 400.

Speakeasy tonight.  Time to set up!


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