Northern Ontario: Tour Log, Day 5

The drive through tracts of clear cuts on county roads and logging routes today was an unsettling reminder of our complicated relationship with the land.  Mile after mile of the blunt sculpting of the wild places, driven by our demand (including my own!) for wood products and the need for a sustainable northern economy.  A conundrum, a sadness. 

How fitting that I should be listening to Sufjan Stevens new record "Carrie and Lowell."  The songs feel like a bold holding onto life and beauty in the face of death (at least to my ears).   

And then a gentle snow begins to fall. Soon after, a bear and a moose make an appearance roadside within the span of 10 minutes. The sun comes out just as I arrive on the shores of Lake Superior at Sandy Beach. 

The east coast of Superior has to be one of the most beautiful places on earth.  And a good chunk of that coastline is still uninhabited and unexplored. I get to fall asleep to the pulse of the breakers against the shore. Thank you David at Rock Island Lodge for the accommodations!  Tomorrow...up to Marathon for a concert at Andrew Coulter's home after some beachcombing