Northern Ontario: Tour Log, Day 6

A total sensory and extrasensory thing to stand on an outcrop and face west into the expansive heart of Lake Superior, both at dusk and at midmorning.  Music, unconditional love can bring tears.  Panoramas like this, too.

Enjoyed my time with the good folks at Naturally Superior/Rock Island Lodge.  Great conversation and a shared passion for the land and water, good music.  Golden Smog anyone, Jayhawks, Wilco, Another Roadside Attraction with Midnight Oil!, etc etc?   Also a sense of solidarity in the shared experience of meaningful work that only enables breaking even (if you're lucky). Just before packing up the car for the trip to Marathon, I played a short lunch time set in a room with a view (see below!). This is easily the most inspired space in which I've played. About half a kilometre from the lodge, I stopped to follow a short trail to a medicine cave, a site of deep spiritual significance to the Michipocoten First Nation.  Thank you Brian for letting me know and for giving me the lay of the land generally.  

Listened to Great Lake Swimmers new record on the drive to Marathon. Sunny and quiet on Hwy 17. Arrived in Marathon and chatted with Andrew Coulter about our favourite records and shows.  Andrew is a passionate music booster and has done some innovative things in this community to generate excitement about local bands and touring musicians.  Played to a small but enthusiastic gathering in his living room this eve.  An unreleased song called "Lonely 101" prompted conversation about encounters with the police on highways and the graces received.  My own story, as it plays out in the song, involves a band in a van on a lonely stretch of road between Timmins and Wawa.  Band late in leaving Timmins needs to get to Terrace Bay in time for show.  Band has to make up for lost time.  Driver in the band speeds, stopped by OPP...You'll just have to come to a show to hear how it goes from there :)  

Nice to meet another Hamiltonian (transplanted) too.  And poignant for me to hear the guests' stories of the strength and resolve of their small community.  A recent fire in town displaced ten families. But within a couple of days, the whole town mobilized to house each family and furnish each apartment.  Also some great rock and roll stories from Doug who has bounced at Massey Hall in Toronto, seen Talking Heads twice and Zeppelin in Detroit (Phyical Graffiti era).

Off to The Sault tomorrow for a show at LopLops​.  Great Lake Swimmers there on Friday.  Perhaps a prepare-ye-the-way cover on Thursday eve?