Northern Ontario: Tour Log, Days 2 - 4

A great night at Speakeasy in Sudbury on Saturday.  Thank you Jeff, Jasmine and Sabrina for booking me and getting me set up with sound and delicious food.  You set an inviting tone.

A bright and warm Sunday made for a great drive east down Hwy 17, then north east up Hwy 64 into the inspiring Temagami area.  Haven't been here since 2002 when we did some family canoe camping on Anima Nippising Lake.  I love the feel of the terrain up here.  The pines stand remarkably tall and the colour of the stone is stunning.  Stopped at a store for repurposing junkies in Latchford and chatted with the proprietor who had some good stories about a legendary criminal lawyer in Hamilton.  A little further down the road, a small disappointment to discover the Highway Bookstore in Cobalt is now closed (a gem of a find on our family vacation in '02).  And the last diversion for the drive...a right turn into New Liskeard for a peak at Lake Temiskaming.  

Arrived at Elk Lake Eco Centre to a warm reception from staff.  Played for some Eco Centre guests who were graciously attentive (even though the main event for them being together as family for a wedding celebration).  A note to all you touring musicians in the south...The Eco Centre is an amazing location to play a show.  Not only a stunning design and natural ambience to the room but an arts-friendly vibe from the good people who run the centre.  Thank you Shawn, Heather and the all the Eco Staff for welcoming me.   I hope music will inhabit your space more frequently and for many years to come.   

The drive to Wawa tomorrow will be a wild adventure.  Shawn from the Eco Centre pointed out a logging road that will shave 2 hrs off the GPS prescribed route.  People still know more than Google.  

Enjoyed this Victoria Day holiday by paddling on the Montreal River.  I'm stepping out to check out the falls at Kap-Kig-Iwan now.