Radio Radio

Dropped off a few discs at CFMU Radio at McMaster University in Hamilton yesterday afternoon. My sincere thanks to Mr James Tennant for playing "Stay Up Here" on air as soon he unwrapped the CD.

And for those of you in Hamilton, tune into Art Waves on The Hawk 101.5 on Sunday, Oct.19, 7-8 pm. I'll be chatting about the new record with Bernadette Ryan.

The post office has been getting a lot of business from me lately. The very tactile acts of dropping CDs into envelopes, handwriting mailing addresses, and carrying a mound of parcels into the post office feel surprisingly meditative. A lovely intimacy attached to the send off.

Thanks to those who are still waiting for their hand-delivered record. I'm very close to completing the delivery route.

Hope you are enjoying the music!