Robert VanHartingsveldt Memorial Bursary

Had the great joy of playing Low Country Hill and Immigrants songs with my good friend Peter Zantingh on Saturday, November 07. Thank you Dave King, Mark McIntyre, and Jimmy Hayes III for pulling out all the stops. What a band! The occasion: a fundraiser in support of a new Redeemer University College music bursary in memory of Robert VanHartingsveldt. Still waiting for the drum roll announcement on what was raised. Kudos to Jennifer Van Hartingsveldt and a community of friends for pulling it all together. 

Rob was a force of nature. A deep intuition and inner, punk rock resolve fuelled an enviable, untethered freedom. And that freedom made him pursue the music full on, whether playing or listening. He had the curse and gift of seeing through flimsy but purposefully crafted pretences. He was a friend without borders who held court just as easily in sports bars as in arty rock clubs. Missing his wit, charm and always-up-for-a-party spirit.

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