Thank you for your support in CBC Searchlight 2015

Hello friends,

My Searchlight quest has now come to an end.  Thank you for your long haul support on this journey.  Congratulations to Skinner who will represent Hamilton in the next round.   A special shout out to The Steeltown 12: CBC Searchlight Contest for your boosting all along.

Besides a growing solidarity with friends of Low Country Hill and musicians across Canada, I think what I enjoyed the most about Searchlight was the energy it brought to my kids.  Worth the price of admission just to see their faces when I cracked the top 25 and then the top 10 in Hamilton, not to mention their eager commitment to voting daily on our modest stash of multiple devices.   There's been a "way to go dad" feeling around here.  My partner Stacia has also been a massive booster, telling colleagues around the world about the campaign.  

Thank you everyone for your part in making this a joyful, entertaining and rewarding adventure. 

Now some touring to look forward to (and to prepare for!!).

Many, many thanks,